Art is just another form of the one who makes it . . .

Everything appears upon the edge of something else, as you upon your thoughts, and I in these images. Here is where we take shape, where we are brought into form and where we are most vulnerable.

Do you know why?

Because form depends greatly on how much of it you own.

Too often we leave this to someone else, a teacher, an institution, or a trend that assures our acceptance. We easily give over our essential self, our ability to reflect and resonate in seeing who we are and how we are and what we can be, and by doing so we wonder why our misplaced self goes unseen. This is not your fault, but it is your right to shape these fundamental elements into form so that they will allow you to claim the necessary freedom to express what they mean.

Sensing this is necessary to my process, but it may not be to yours. So please do not assume that we must share the same opinion, nor a direction that is meant only for you to determine. It would be unfair of you to limit your perception of anything by comparing it to someone else's. We can look into this now if you care to, by seeing behind my eyes what may exist in yours. This is not always easy to do, but how will you know your brilliance if you do not test its meaning for yourself? But be careful, do not confuse my truth with your own, or assume it valid by what I've implied. I am just trying to point out where meaning exists at times before it changes position and exists somewhere else. Just try using me to confirm or disprove your assumptions of how you see into someone else. If you do you may become aware of how others may see into you.

So choose from any of these groups of images. By lending yourself to one, you will see others. This is the secret of seeing. All things open in direct proportion by what you make available to it. Now don't think that there is a right way to do this, not at all. You are already fully capable of sensing those things that speak your language and sense your presence. Because of this you will be drawn into an image that will either intrigue you, repel your sensibilities, or leaves you totally untouched. This is important for you to know about how and why you see.

Ok, now ask yourself . . .

Why did I sense this image from the others?

What does it reflect in me?

Why does it make me feel this way?

What does this mean to the way I see other things?

Now what you must know is that these questions are meaningless without your answers. They can only reveal as much as you are willing to see. Thus how you see will be how you live, and how you live will have a tremendous effect on the rest of us. Seeing well means knowing how that seeing affects everything that is in and around you.

It is that simple.

For some of you this has not been easy to do in your life because you have had to hide the form you own. It is tiring to do so and I am sorry. I am sure it hasn't been easy, but it happens to all of us when someone misinterprets our form or compares it to others as strange or meaningless. For many this becomes an easy excuse to hide the best part of themselves from everyone else, something we mistakenly misplace, something mishappen by those who found it hard to see themselves in us. Just know that not everyone will understand this nor speak your language or even know its purpose, and what you thought was once lost to you was only misplaced amongst those things that are still waiting for.

Much of what we struggle with is exaclty this. It rises out of our neglect of being able to see ourselves, to see what matters most and why it does. This is what my images have taught me. They provided an understanding of how I measure my emotions and where to place them. Not to know where I have been, but who I have been and where I may be going next. You will find evidence of this on their surface. They detail my faults and weakness, underscore my hunger, and embrace those things that I still question and cannot fully explain.

But that is me in what I do, and does not explain what is still necessary for you to bring your form to a process that will reveal it. This is a far more important thought to continue. Why? Because you have much more to add to everything, to these words, to images that speak of your existence and to a knowledge that is greatly needed in the world.

Do this and you will give the rest of us permission to see you more clearly, to understand your form from others, and to learn your descriptions for what we may gain from them. You have a right to find this out for yourself, to see into things that may have been neglected, to approach obscurities you have yet to meet, and to see more where there is less. Just know that you can learn this from everything, and in doing so you will never lack your place within yourself.


So after all these words and images, that now measures a certain distance between us, you may wonder why I have gathered these thoughts here for you.

Well the answer is simple, and non-ending . . .

You are irreplaceable, and your presence in the world will only matter if you let the rest of us know that you are here.

By adding your light to the sum of light that surrounds you, we will all see more clearly.