Belief is only as strong as the believer . . .

There is a process you are following right now, something that was formed as you were. It is making you think, putting things into place, judging content and weighing meaning.  It is measuring your attention, your patience in regards to the time you have spent with these words. Not many have come as far as you have. Most have stopped, thought this all too wordy, to emotional, or that it has nothing to do with what a "real" web site is suppose to provide. Do you know why this happens? It has to do with process. The same one that stops you from doing anything is the same one that can let you do more.

So for this, I will offer something to you that was given me right before my Grandmother died. She was a hard woman, a Mexican Abuela who had little need for a grandson. She called me to her bed, quietly confessed her neglect and asked me to remember these words.

Cada Cabeza es un Mundo

(Each head is a World)

As a child, this was confusing. I could not see what significance they might have from someone who had only spoken a few sentences to me my entire life, but it made me think. I imagined that if each head was a one world then each must exist with a purpose, each with its own unique velocity within a given space and purpose amongst others. It made me see, urged me on and made it clear that to live in an infinite reality under finite terms was ridiculous.

Now you may wonder what this has to do with process and why I would share something so personal from my past. Well you see there are processes that occur all the time that permit other ones to begin, but only if you let them  My Abuela's words are of little importance unless you are patient enough to put them into your process of thought. They are offered to you as they were received with hope that you might find some use for their meaning. For this, meaning is essential and unending, because it is at the very core of process. It is what sets caring into motion, that essential element of inquiry that the mind requires and deserves in seeing how one thinks. How else will you accurately measure your own form, what it represents for what it may be and what it may mean to us who are still trying to figure out our own. For anyone who has ever asked more of what is still not answered, it is critical to grasp ones own process. Not to borrow it or lease it from another, but to hold it firmly by what you believe it to be. It is usually then when the mind loosens those secrets it keeps from itself.

So please, never hesitate in passing on what you yourself discover in anything. Your originality is better served when it is used to encourage the same in others. If not, you may stop a process that only grows as strong as you do. This is how process works. It does not require assurances or substance. It exists on the edge of reason, upon that element of chance in knowing that it is not the answers you are given, but the questions you are courageous enough to ask. In this you may find not what you want, but more of what you'll need to go further. It is here where you may discover that your weakness was necessary for your strength, that your fear helped to define your courage and that your belief is critical in being what you still may become. Just know that your process is like no one else's, it shouldn't be, and that to care for its place in you is what will determine how much you will see of yourself.


So for this purpose I offer you these thoughts for both student and teacher,

very little separates these two entities who need each other most. I hope that they might serve you in some way for all that is still left for you to do.

What you create will simply reflect the wisdom you'll own in discovering it.

F O R   S T U D E N T S

F O R   T E A C H E R S

Meaning is best used when it helps the rest of us find our own . . .