To those who may assume what is real . . .


It is my hope that what you see now will be of some use to you later. That perhaps you will grasp some meaning amongst those I have left here. Why? Because it is not enough to use these images for myself alone, nor to solely project my reflection upon you as artist or teacher, no. These works are useless unless they allow you some way to transcend their meaning. This is essential to me, for our minds endlessly see what our eyes cannot. They sense themselves within themselves, placing purpose amongst form and enunciating their distinct presence through a visual language that bares the accent of its user. Here layers form over layers of neglect and care, through vast distances of emotions that transmit and transform our identities. They offer our self to ourselves and introduce us to the intricacies of thought and meaning. Amongst everything else, here is where our thoughts live us and we our perceptions of what they represent, where memory teaches us what reality cannot.

So I have placed these thoughts together so that you might measure their relative distance

from you. They are not meant to answer your questions nor provide you with any deeper knowledge, no,

but here is where the real challenge exists when seeing past anything that allows you to confront

the questions that only you can answer.


Knowing is a gift one can only give themselves . . .