There is no mystery that does not require a part of you to unfold . . .

N O   T H O U G H T   I S   A L O N E

It would be a a disservice to you if all these words and images led you into believing that I was somehow free from the fear of expression. This is a very real thing, but it should never limit you from the possibilities you posses or to the infinite information the camera provides. You are far more capable than I in knowing why you create. Just know that you will more than likely be misunderstood and that those things that are important to you cannot always be understood by others. Art is rarely finished by the artist, it is usually completed by the one who sees it.

Here are a few last things that may be of some help to you along the way. Please note that all of this is useless unless you continue where I leave off . . .

No Thought Is Alone

A Teachers Plea for You to Add Yourself into the

Course of Change

Student knowledge is the beginning of the worlds wisdom . . .


These pages were created for those of us who often fell through the cracks of education. Too often they are the accepted casualties of a system that knows more about what it teaches than who it teaches. How will they exist in a well educated society that fails to educate its society well?


These chapters attempt to unfold the issues of survival in a system that was neither prepared or created with the diverse student in mind. It follows the lineage of educational fear, which creates fearful learning. It offers support to those young minds who have survived those cracks that have consumed so many of us.

Of Fields and Fissures: Facing Diversity and

Leveling the Playing Field

How we see is how we live . . .

Too often I have found myself lacking a reach that could not span a greater distance. For many, this is often the consequences to a perceived "playing field" that does not measure the same for all. Will we limit our understanding from an environment that learned its limitations from others?

This essay is a call to those who might consider change. Change in the form of finding what is missing in the creative representation of others, and in knowing that freedom of expression is useless unless we are all included in its description and understanding.

You have come a long way through all this and I really do appreciate your time. If you feel that there is something you are thinking of that you would like to share, please contact me. I will not have your answers, but maybe we can see what options you may have in finding out where they exist.