T o     S  E  E     W  H  E  R  E    T  H  E  R  E     i s    L  E  S  S
“Allowing memory to overtake the reality of the medium of photography, Antón delves into the realm of the subconscious, creating images with a performative force that is punctuated by an undercurrent of lyrical mysticism. Engaging in a Jungian psychological mode of artistic creation, one in which the contents of his consciousness are illuminated and interpreted, Antón creates images that transcend the personal and elicit the collective.”
Harris Fogel
“He seems to know instinctively that the corner of the eye is where the soul resides, where tears well and the sap of sleep’s dreams collects; where truth is a mere glint, and what’s half-glimpsed in the flutter of an eyelash can be more vivid and forceful than what’s fully seen. It’s akin to the way a blind person might construct in his head the image of a friend. For surely the work is about the pursuit of the visible yet invisible - the face of a loved one that appears late at night, when alone, in a corner or closet, or the cool white porcelain of a kitchen sink; perhaps the image of a departed friend hovering in the cabin of the mind, stumbled upon mid-sentence. In moments like these, the heart dictates what the eyes see, and memory is unsourced - the stories of our lives, plucked from the broad veil of time, clung to in pure and harmonious image. The world of Don Gregorio Antón issues forth from these recesses of emotion. Silence is often song, stillness a dance, and the shadow world of dusk is most moving; for Antón, these things inspire.”
           Paul LaRosa