“The work is too beautiful, it is not for everyone. Do not expect parades and loud applause.
Magic and sorcery are private acts."
Duane Michals
“Don Antón speaks in favor of an intuitive approach in which images reveal “my origins in thought, and time”. Magic, a sense of meaning that transcends the rational and the readily visible, inheres in the work. So does a sense of photography as an instrument of discovery that mediates between the determinism of culture and the possibility of manipulating the personal.
Antón’s strapped and arching figures seem enraptured by possibility, but they are also confined, hemmed in, held to account for their own lives as specimens. They speak to limitations of self expression outside of a cultural context.”
Andy Grundberg
L  A     S  U  M  A     T  O  T  A  L    d e   S  O  L  E  D  A  D  E  S
T   H   E     T   O   T   A   L     S   U   M     o f     S   O   L   I   T   U   D   E   S