“You are an explorer of depths of both photography and human psychology.”
Eikoh Hosoe
“Don Gregorio Antón has produced the "Retablos" series, works that are remarkable for their even greater intimacy and intensity. Their form is directly inspired by the devotional paintings he saw as a child; small paintings on tin or copper that are
commissioned by everyday people as a symbol of thanks for divine intervention. Similar to retablos of the Mexican tradition, Antón’s works are modestly scaled, printed on warm-hued plates of copper, and combine narrative imagery with heartfelt words.
These images—portraying a single figure or small group engaged in mystical acts—are deeply private and are meant to function as renditions of inner thoughts about spirituality, family loss, emotional states of being, and creativity. Indeed, for Antón, they
are true offerings that, in his words “are made to remember and have been a kind and generous gift
to me after all these many years of image making.”
Elizabeth Ferrer
L  A  S     R  E  G  L  A  S    d e    l a    T  R  A  G  E  D  I  A
T   H   E      R   U   L   E   S     o f    T   R   A   G   E   D   Y