“These pieces, as in all of Antón’s work in photography and in teaching, are above all gifts.  They bring the gift of opportunity. He does not offer you what to learn, but rather how to learn.  He does not simply show you a photograph, he allows
you to enter into it. In doing so, Don Antón’s photographs offer us the opportunity to see the richness and
undeniable power of hope.”
Cyrus Smith
“Antón refers to his work as “barridas” (cleansings) to accommodate the positioning of his soul in the world. Antón’s
subtle yet complex layers of images depict dream states, and psychological landscapes in which the human form is
fused with natural elements mirrored in allegories of birth, decay, ecstasy, and sacrifice. His images touch
emotions and experiences common to both the photographer and the viewer, triggering memory and
recognition. Antón states “I don’t necessarily deal with the landscape that surrounds us.
I deal more with the landscape that iswithin us and the things that cause us to feel.”
Craig Centrie
X    I    B    A    L    B    A
M   E   X   I   C   O