-  A selection of imagery from Antón’s earliest works beginning in 1973  -
3    A C T S     o f    C O N T R I T I O N
Listening to Don Antón talk about his work is like reading Carlos Castaneda. Antón, an intense young artist
with an acceptance of the magical in everyday experience, describes his photography as
“trying to balance between feeling and thought”.
Antón’s work, like his life, is guided by a quality of feeling. “I try to photograph with the eyes of my heart”. He sets about this quest, as Castaneda’s Don Juan might, by going to a place with his camera just to see what will happen. “If you look real close, you can sometimes see things glow. I go toward that glow, toward the strongest energy that pulls me out there.”
“I look for the equivalent of something inside me.” Antón said, “because what’s inside me is the equivalent to what’s inside everyone else.” If Antón speaks the language of feelings, his visual vocabulary is distinctly photographic.
“I try to teach my photographs how to speak for me,” he said.
Dinah Berland