“The photographs are beautiful, dark and sensuous, suggesting experiences that are both personal and archetypal. The images encounter the human body at iconic stages of development: embryonic, pubescent, mature and dying. Full of allusions to Catholicism, modern medicine, and ancient methods of healing, the most compelling images contain references that
are somewhat ambiguous, even superficially contradictory. The body is both sacred and demystified,
deconstructed and made whole.”
Deirdre Visser
“Working expertly in the tradition of the fine print, Antón renders a deep, dark, luminous space, putting the nuances and subtleties of which silver bromide is capable to highly appropriate use here. for it must be remembered that the the
silver in which he is working is the same metal used to make chalices, crucifixes, icons - a metal not only
semi precious but in a certain sense holy, fit for the embodiment of what are surely
religious images portraying what he calls - miracles.”
A. D.  Coleman
O  L  L  I  N     M  E  C  A  T  L
T   H   E     M   E   A   S   U   R   E     o f     M   O   V   E   M   E   N   T    S