“Don Antón explores the possibilities of the spirit and enhances our awareness of its existence. Through story and symbol we can glimpse the universal, even though their manifestations may change based upon experience.”
“Art to Mr. Antón is another form of the artist that made it. His work deals with the meaning
of self and the spirit within and around that self.”
Cameron Woodall
“Where the text whispers the picture screams. Even the backgrounds burst with emotion: clouds billow, oceans roil and fires blaze in choking smoke. Carefully posed figures, even the silhouettes, express extreme states, from enervated struggle to slumping release. Every glance is a thousand-yard stare.”
“Included in this show are a few sculptural pieces. These are based on the reliquary, another item of Catholic devotion. These polished metal containers house relics of holy men—perhaps a shard of bone or even a heart. Antón’s versions are emblazoned with disturbing images. A wolf-like creature devours a supine man in one and in another snakes wag in place of a man’s tongue. Only Antón knows what relics the red wax has sealed inside.”
Jon Dufort
T   H   E      A   R   C     o f    M   E   M   O   R   Y